A favorite old photograph probably faded and yellow. The picture is digitally scanned. The original picture remains the same. After scanning, it is returned to you in its original condition. With professional software, the “new” photograph copy is “cleaned up” by removing spots, streaks and other imperfections that came when the photo was first taken or with age.

The new “old” picture is enhanced by adding more definition to the colors or black and white tones, giving it a fresh look while maintaining its original character.

An even more antique appearance can be given by adding sepia tones to the copy of the original.

Skin tones can be enhanced to look more like the real photo subject.

Other people can be added to a picture, using several photos, lifting images from them, resizing and blending them into one picture making it appear like an original photograph.

A favorite old photograph can be reworked into a collector’s piece on archival paper which will long outlive the original photo and will be treasured by loved ones for generations.

Be a creative part of the process with your own ideas.

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