Art is a very personal thing. It doesn’t have to have great market value for it to be revered by its owner. You may have an old painting of a relative or ancestor that may be your only visual connection to your family heritage. It may not fetch a good price on eBay or from an antique dealer but it could be immeasurably valuable to you and perhaps to generations to come. In that sense, it could be priceless to its owner in terms of sentimental or historical value.

It’s possible to revitalize an old, neglected, or damaged oil painting or photograph and restore it to as near its original condition as possible. Smoke, sunlight, moisture, dust and varnish deterioration can compromise an oil painting’s original vitality causing the art piece to appear dull and dark, and its detail obscured.

The restoration process requires several careful steps that might include the following:
Removing old varnish
Reconditioning canvas
Removing crease marks
Removing smoke and dirt
Re-stretching loose canvas
Repairing rips and punctures
Correcting flaking paint problems
In-painting faded or chipped areas
Re-varnishing the restored painting